Our goal is to make ordering easy for you. Below, we’ve laid out the steps to make the process simpler.


We’ve made ordering quick and straightforward through introducing our newest online store. Simply select your item, upload your artwork, and you’re done!

By Phone or Email

One of our sales reps will help guide you through the product selection, design submission, and pricing. After this is completed, your order will be put on the schedule to be made, shipped, and delivered to you by the date you select.


Orders can take anywhere from two days to two weeks depending on need and stock availability. However, we may be able to speed things up according to our customers’ needs.

Call 313-386-0900 or visit our store to begin your order!

Our Process

  1. Choose a Product – Begin the ordering process by selecting the product you want your design on. You can search for products based on the brand or type of apparel you’re looking for. You will be able to find them under our “What We Print” & “Brands We Work With” tabs.
  2. Design Submission & Approval – You provide your design/artwork to orders@graphicwear.com or we have our artist create one for you. Then, you and our artist will confirm the design together to make sure it meets your expectations. 
  3. Receive a quote – Once everything is finalized, call us to get a detailed quote on your order.
  4. Creation – Item is customized to your specifications.
  5. Quality check – Before your items are sent, we want to ensure the quality will be to your satisfaction & make any corrections before it finds its way into your hands.
  6. Packaging & Shipping – Your product is counted, stacked, and placed into boxes to be shipped out.

Call 313-386-0900 to begin your order now!

At Graphicwear, we understand many of our customers have annual/repeated events. So, to make reordering a design convenient for you, all of your previous logos are kept and stored on file for easy access later.

If you have any questions about our ordering process, please email orders@graphicwear.com or call us at (313) 386-0900.

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