6 Benefits of Early-Year Marketing

Kick off the new year by attracting new customers, reinforcing your brand identity, and staying ahead of the competition. When it comes to marketing your business, getting started early is key. Below, we list just a few of the reasons why.

  1. Building Awareness – People are often more receptive to trying new products or services at the beginning of the year. This makes it an opportune time to get your name out there. A great way to start this is by creating apparel or promotional items branded with your logo.
  1. Fresh Start – The new year is the perfect time to refresh your business’ image and try something new. Incorporate creative custom promotional products, apparel, or workwear to advertise your brand’s new look! At Graphicwear, you even have the option to work with our artist to make your ideas come to life.
  1. Setting the Tone – The choices you make at the beginning of the year often set the tone for the rest of it. Marketing using custom branded products creates a positive and proactive tone for your business’ branding and marketing efforts throughout the year.
  1. Maximize Seasonal Opportunities – Depending on your industry, early-year marketing can help you capitalize on specific seasonal trends or events. These may be holiday sales, sports uniforms, event promotions, etc. 
  1. Test and Optimize – Starting early gives you more time to experiment with different marketing strategies, measure their effectiveness, and make adjustments to optimize your campaigns.
  1. Ahead of the Game – Marketing in the beginning of the year ensures you will have the best products for upcoming events, promotions, or product launches. You won’t have to scramble last minute just to receive low-quality, ineffective merchandise. If you decide to use Graphicwear, this will never be a problem for you! Not only do we offer high-quality custom promotional products, but we also have the ability to control turnaround time.

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