What Is Embroidery?

Embroidery is a form of stitching used to customize clothing and other products. Using a thread and needle to work through the fabric, an item is decorated with images, words, and other shapes. The purpose for custom embroidery may vary; from simply adding a personal touch to something you love to advertising for your business. Most often (but not limited to), embroidery is used for items like caps, blankets, denim, coats, bags or polos. 

Originally, embroidery was a craft done solely by hand. But with the technology we have today, we can digitize and create embroidery patterns using machinery. This allows us to produce a larger number of products in a shorter amount of time, and also leaves every product looking clean and perfect.

At Graphicwear, we have top of the line Tajima embroidery machines. We digitize artwork, prep the machines and the items to be embroidered. Our personal touch of in-house embroidery allows us to be more knowledgeable about the entire process. It also ensures that we create embroidery that meets your standards, have your custom items completed in a timely manner, and pay extra attention to the small details that can easily be missed by other embroidery workshops.

You can learn more about our embroidery options here, or just give us a call!

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