What is Screen Printing?

Screen printing, sometimes referred to as silk screen printing, is a specific process used to create custom clothing and products. It’s accomplished by pressing ink through a stenciled mesh screen with a squeegee and onto the desired product. As you can imagine, every new color used on a design requires a new screen in order to prevent colors mixing. Though the actual printing process generally stays the same, the prep work it takes to get there can change depending on the type of material, ink, stencil technique, or number of colors used for the product.

The most popular material to have screen printed is fabric. In fact, odds are that you already own clothing that has been screen printed. Your graphic tees and hoodies have likely undergone this process before. Other materials that can be screen printed include wood, glass, plastic, metal, paper, etc. Because of its wide variety of possibilities, many industries are able to and already have used custom screen printing for their products.

While most other screen printing companies will send their products out to be printed by a separate factory, here at Graphicwear, we do our screen printing in-house. This means that we are not only skipping the middleman, we are the middleman! We’re able to be more familiar and knowledgeable about the screen printing process. We take extra steps to ensure your product gets printed exactly how you imagined, get your items done in a timely manner according to your schedule, and are able to pay extra attention to detail on your orders.

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