From Concept to Creation: The Journey of Custom Products

When it comes to custom products, such as custom shirts, screen printing, embroidery, and even personalized gifts, have you ever wondered about the process behind their creation? Let’s go on a journey from the initial concept to the final production of these products!

1. Inspiration and Design
Every custom product starts with a spark of inspiration. Whether it’s custom shirts, merch, gifts, etc., the design is carefully crafted to reflect the unique vision of the individual or brand.

2. Material Selection
Choosing the right materials is crucial for achieving high-quality results in creating custom merchandise. At Graphicwear, we want to offer the best of the best. You can check out some of our top picks through our new online shop where you can design and create straight from our website!

3. Preparing the Artwork
In order for artwork to be brought to life, it has to be vectored. This means it the design must be converted into the correct format to optimize it for the chosen customization method (screen print or embroidery).

4. Item is Customized
Once your artwork is vectorized, submitted, and approved, it’s on it’s way to the production process! Here at Graphicwear, we have skilled printers and embroiderers who operate the necessary machinery, carefully following the specifications of your design. Quality checks are conducted to ensure a flawless end product.

5. Finishing Touches
Upon request, your item can have added labels and tags, or be uniquely packaged before shipment.

6. Delivery
The final step in this process is making sure you get your custom product delivered to you in a timely manner. Because we do our printing and embroidery here, we are able to have more control over turnaround time than other companies. So you can get your order quickly and in good condition.

Did you enjoy the journey? It’s always neat to get an inside view of the creation process of your custom products. We understand just how important every piece of a customized item is, and we want to make sure that you can trust us and also find that we want our customers to be apart of the process every step of the way. Happy customizing!

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